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At EnergyTec, we find it very important to clearly define what we stand for. CEO & Managing Director Murat Tilki explains: “We want to communicate clearly about our cause and believe. We want to define why we do what we do for our customers and partner companies on the one hand and for our employees and future colleagues on the other.Our baseline ‘Progress brings us together’ perfectly summarizes the why of EnergyTec: to strive for improvement and to establish good team spirit are crucial in our company. More even, that drive is the connection between all stakeholders of our company: together with colleagues, partner companies and customers we are constantly searching for better solutions for industries and infrastructure. That is the progress we bring together.” 

How progress brings us together:

 Progress for colleagues: improving ourselves is crucial at EnergyTec. Learning new things and innovating in a tight team makes happy employees.

  • Progress for customers: together with EnergyTec, our customers are looking for better and more modern solutions that make their installations and processes more efficient, safe, reliable,…
  • Progress for partners: we build sustainable relations with partner companies that constantly find new ideas and solutions to do better.
  • Progress for society: less contamination, more efficient infrastructure, safer industries and products... That is what we call: progress. We do our share.


EnergyTec designs and installs automated control systems in order to optimally manage your processes.

We give advice on the choice of the plc/scada or DCS system, design it together, take care of the installation and afterwards the maintenance.

Advice and engineering

With our years of experience in automation we are in a perfect position to advise you on the choice of system, the appropriate equipment and the way in which to set up your control system. Our software engineering department is specialised in the following systems:

  • Siemens, S5, S7, TIA
  • Rockwell Automation SLC, PLC, HMI, Control Logix
  • Honeywell
  • Schneider Electric
  • GE
  • Wonderware

Customised solutions

With every automation project there are specific challenges and expectations of the customer. A customised solution is therefore almost always necessary. Agidens ensures for a plc/scada controlled system custom-made based on your management and the operators that use it on a daily basis. If required, we also make the connection with a Manufacturing Execution System or an ERP system.

Maintenance and Service Support

Outdated automated systems can cause many problems. Updates and Migrations are therefore essential for a reliable installation. EnergyTec ensures with a special service team that your systems are constantly up to date and that someone is available 24/7 to resolve any unexpected problems.

Our Story

We believe in progress. We believe that progress brings us together. We bring advancement by creating solutions that increase efficiency, quality, safety and reliability. Therefore we offer advice & engineering, automated solutions and maintenance & service support. Want to make progress?