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Automotive / Beverage CAN / END / Robotic / SCADA / PLC / HMI / SIMATIC / TIA / ROCKWELL / Bosch / Schneider

 Welcome @ EnergyTec Ltd. 

We are the promise of your progress 

Our Products: 

  • Panel building incl. painting until world wide installation
  • Line Control, SCADA systems
  • HMI, WinCC, FactoryTalk and others
  • Network, Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profinet, Profibus, CAN, ControlNet and others
  • Safety from SICK Scanner to Safety Network and Safety PLCs
  • CAD ePlan, eCAD, ACAD and others
  • Electrical installation world wide
  • VFD and motor combination IE4, IE5, IE6 we have installed more than 2500 VFD and motors combinations in the last 27 years world wide

Service for CAN /END Maker:

- CAN Palletizer, Body Maker

- Shell / Conversion Presses

- Uncoiler, Washer, Oven, Spray

- Mechanical, electrical and software service

We move your machines turnkey from plant A to plant B world-wide

for NSM, SMS, HSMS, Minster and Goldco equipment

30 years experience at PLM, REXAM; BALL, Bevcan, Crown, Huber, Maier, Coca Cola, Pepsi, VW BMW, MB, Ford, GM, Audi, KIA, and 1200 others in 69 countries world wide

SAP turnkey Integration

- Hard and Software

- PC Network in your plant, production and office

- We recommend HP hardware and based on our own experience, we advise against DELL hardware

Software Services:

  • PLC Programming Simatic S5, S7, TIA and Rockwell Control Logix, PLC5, SLC  and all kind of networks

    ·  Engineering: CAD  (PLC and SCADA), HMI, SCADA,      NEW !!!   SCADA with Blockchain system, real time data at any place

    ·   Turn key Installation and Commissioning proven in 69 countries world wide

    ·    Staff training

    ·    Servo Drives, Robotics, Fanuc, ABB, KUKA

  • we love and recommend Siemens Simatic TIA

  • Online since 27 Years

  • VFD Allen Bradley /Rockwell and VFD Siemens Specialists


EnergyTec sets itself from the pack by its large engineering division that takes on the most complex engineering projects. We design, calculate or construct (parts of) you production installations: that goes from relatively simple capacity calculations until a trunkey delivery of a production plant.


EnergyTec supports you from the beginning of a project and offers a wide range of engineering services: from basic engineering to detailed engineering of al components in an installation.


We support industrial and infrastructural organisations with their asset management, maximizing availability and minimizing cost while you bring back risks to an acceptable level. We help our customers planning, executing and managing their opex as well as their capex investments. Our asset management support consist of:

  • Consulting: Strategical, tactical and operational advice for industrial applicances
  • Project Management: We manage your projects and put at your disposal an experienced projectteam for the due period
  • Training: we offer tailormade trainings in which we focus on the daily needs of the target group